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Fort Worth Weight Loss Dr. 603 West Magnolia Ave. Suite #207 Fort Worth, Texas 76104
Dallas Weight Loss Dr. 5925 Forest Lane, Suite #209 Dallas, Texas 75230

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What is Sensotherapy?

Sensotherapy is an opportunity for you to break away from the stale promises of traditional diets and weight loss programs, and you can do it all from your own home. This can all sound too good to be true, and since we've all heard fantastical weight loss claims in the past, how does Sensotherapy work and what makes it different? Click Here!


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Weight Loss Doctor Serving DFW With Two Convenient Locations in Dallas, TX & Fort Worth, TX


Newly Patented Weight Loss Program by Local DFW Weight Loss Doctor After "35" Years of Success! Dr. Michael Cherkassky, MD

Very Successfull, Affordable, and Easy, Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

Board certified in Internal Medicine with 35 years of experience and practices in Internal Medicine. Awarded for 3 consecutive years (2010 - 2011 - 2012), with the "Patients' Choice Award Compassionate Doctor recognition Program", which honors the top 3% of U.S. physicians whose patients have gone out of their way to give them the highest possible ratings in the category of bedside manner, while also ranking them very highly in five other categories.

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Dr. Michael Cherkassky
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